Next Step Go

Course: SMAD 484 (Capstone)

Date: April 2019

About: Next Step Go is a system created in collaboration with a James Madison University Computer Information Systems, and Cued-In, a local small business. Cued-In wanted a system to help connect students, educators, and community partners to create opportunies for internships, shadowing, career development, and more. In half a semester (approx. 8 weeks) our team created a functional system with custom branding, well-developed UI, and creative graphic assets.




Log in card for the Next Step Go system. Users are first prompted to log in, and then are redirected to register if they are a new user.

This applications page houses applications from students applying for opportunities. To expidite the selection process, I created a drag and drop UI that changes the properties of a new app to a reviewed app when added to the reviewed column.

The postings page is where employers can create and view active calls for applications. With popups and tabs, they are able to create multiple types of postings, and can also sort through their open postings by the filter system on the right of the page. Employers can disable postings by clicking on a toggle on the post to make it unavailable to applicants.