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Good Life Insurance Card Sorting

GLI has had their existing IA structure for a while and wanted to verify that their site was working as intended. Through card sorting and research via Google Analytics, I delivered quantitative and qualitative insights on their current structure and recommendations for the future.

  • Timeframe: 3 weeks
  • Design Team: Just me
  • Industry: Insurance


As a site, goodlifeinsurance.org has a bit of a split audience. While the primary goal is to convert new visitors into customers, the site also has a wealth of resources for existing customers. While some of these resources are publicly available and used as a marketing tool, much of the resources require a customer login to access.

Previous user research and persona development had given us a clear perspective that visitors to goodlifeinsurance.org had vastly different needs. So was the current IA meeting those needs?


As a designer in the Government and Public Services practice at Deloitte I get to bring creative design solutions to federal and state clients. It's rewarding to get to make products that help support our citizens, but it also means that sometimes the details of those projects have to stay under wraps. Good Life Insurance is a real client, but their name has been changed to anonymize this project.

There's much more to this project that I can't share publicly. If I've sent you a password to read more you can enter that by pressing the button below. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email.

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